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We live in an era of constant change and even the social media channels that we love change frequently. Facebook has been changing the way that content is shared and it seems that every time we log in there’s something different about the way our news feed looks. But the book of faces is not the only one that’s changing.

This week Twitter started rolling out the new design for your profile featuring a more photo-centric design that reminiscent of Facebook and Google+. Now with a three-column layout we will have faster access to those trending tweets, the people you “need” to follow and everything that’s trending in the twitterverse.

As a graphic designer and a social media fan boy, I love when things get moved around, it makes things feel new. In this case, Twitter is doing a great job in keeping up with the times and expanding beyond those 140 characters that we already love.


Ian Suarez

Graphic Designer & Social Media Coordinator - HCCMO

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