contact-thumbHopefully you get what I’m telling you sooner than me, because I got it a bit late in my sales career. Once I got it though, it gave me a clear vision on how to take my closing skills to a more effective level. My mentor once said: “Either you sell them on yes, or they sell you on no”. And I just could not understand what that meant for the life of me. It might sound simple to you, but it mind boggled me.

I get it now. Do you?

I’m going to explain this to you my way. Anytime you complain about someone not buying from you because of an excuse, whether the excuse was their spouse, their timing, having to do research, or any other reason not to buy… You fell for it. Because when someone wants anything bad enough, they go for it. It doesn’t matter what it is. If their intention is to own something, they’ll move their priorities around to make it happen and they’ll do the sacrifices required to get what they want.

If I tell you that you have a 5-million dollar check waiting for you in Japan, and all you have to do to cash it is go get it and sign it in person during the next four days (and it is a real offer), you’ll move things around, find the money and go chase that check. Why? Not because you have to, but because you want to.

Is it really an excuse?

Most of the time, when people don’t want something, they exaggerate a version of the truth to make it their excuse and make it seem like it is ok to avoid a commitment. When they do that, they sell themselves to say no, and they sell YOU too. When someone tells you anything other than “yes” at the moment you ask for the sale, what they are saying to you is that they do not perceive why should they change anything to take you on your offer, so what they are saying is NO. And it is your job to overcome their objection.

Then, you complain about people not taking a chance, or not seeing how good your product or service is, and people this and people that, and suddenly you become the words of wisdom by telling people the way it should be and how people should live. When in reality, you don’t take responsibility and realize that they weren’t sold. They did not perceive enough value to make it a priority to buy from you. And since most people are afraid of hurting your feelings by rejecting your offer, they bring out the best excuse they have, and they sell you.

It gets worse!

Sometimes your prospects sound and act as if everything looks perfect in your offer. They participate and engage with you, you get super excited, drooling for that sale, to then let you know they are not buying. You weren’t selling them, they were selling you! Whose fault is it? The prospect’s? When was the last time you lost a sale and you told yourself: “It was my fault”, or “I just couldn’t sell them”. Because a professional salesperson knows that they have to take responsibility for what happens in their business. You will not sell everyone, but everyone CAN be sold! How to sell each individual is up to YOU! Every sale has one of two outcomes: Yes or No and it’s up to the salesperson for either one of them.

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