Upcoming Book 'Toughlove Sales', authored by Millo Aldea, is being launched at a sales speaking event in Orlando, FL on Friday, May 16th, 2014.

Millo Aldea is launching his new book, Toughlove Sales, on May 16, 2014 at a speaking event at the Vanity in Orlando, Florida. This speaking event will host guest speakers Jonathan Pineda, Ken Dunn from Next Century Publishing and Darien Hill.

Millo Aldea’s speaking event will host and present a networking platform for professionals experienced and interested in sales. The guests will receive a free copy of Millo Aldea’s new book, Toughlove Sales. Tickets to this event may be purchased through Paypal.

Toughlove Sales teaches sales skills that will result in easier and more efficient return on investment. The book strengthens sales skills and opens the mind to persuade people to believe as you do. It offers advanced methods of persuasion and sales. Aldea's eye-opening information will affect all aspects of a salesperson’s life. Toughlove Sales gives step-by-step closing techniques, mind evolution skills and exercises, hidden neuro-linguistic strategies and how-to points on influencing others.

Often referred to as ‘The Sales Personality’, Millo is an empowering sales speaker who is fascinated by human interaction and behavior. He is multi-faceted. He has written, produced, directed and marketed theater. In addition, he has directed and produced a reality series show. Millo was a winner in two short film competitions. He also has a hand in music and has produced and recorded two music albums. Millo contributed to building the brands of more than 30 nationally known products for Disney, Leo Burnett, Sony, BMG, Latino-MSN and Crescent Heights of America. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation.

Millo Aldea has been quoted as saying “Develop yourself into the best product anyone has laid their eyes upon and you will be a magnet for success. Read from the best. Listen to the best. Learn from the best. Love like the best. Give like the best. Speak like the best. Sell like the best. Deliver your best. Earn like the best. Be the best and accept nothing less than your best to become the greatest”.

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