marivette gonzalezMarivette is the owner of Law Office of Marivette Gonzalez, PLLC, where she practices family and criminal law. She has been a member of the HCCMO since 2011.

From the moment Marivette joined the chamber, she became very involved by attending all the networking events and seminars. Once she learned about the HCCMO Leads Group program, she joined the HCCMO East Orlando Leads Group, became the secretary of the group and is currently the president. As she is fully engaged in the chamber, she is also an active HCCMO Ambassador.

Marivette is the kind of person that is always willing to help whomever is in need. Along with her great personal attributes, she shows constant professional rapport when working, volunteering and representing the community.

If you like to get to know Marivette and learn more about how she can be of assistance with her knowledge in the law, you can email her or contact her at: (321) 368-2292

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