In the next couple of weeks we will be bringing online the list of this year's 25 Influential Hispanics of Central Florida.  Among those recognized this year are some powerful couples in the Hispanic Community who make a difference.

The 25 Hispanics we are featuring  were chosen by the editorial board of Visión Magazine, based on specific criteria in a variety of categories. Editorial board members were instructed to choose 10 or more candidates who have demonstrated leadership or contributed to the enrichment and growth of the Hispanic community in Central Florida or who hold important executive positions in our community. This year there were over 100 names submitted and those with the highest scores are represented here in alphabetical order.

Ed BustosEd Bustos - Director of International Admissions - Rollins College

What/who inspires/motivates you? My parents are my biggest inspiration. They came to the US with very little and worked hard for their kids to have a better life. When I feel down, I think of them and all the sacrifices they faced when they came to this country.

What do you consider your biggest failure? And what did you learn from it? One of my biggest failures was losing a student government election in high school, and not just one time but four times! I learned not to give up, and I became the Senior Class Vice-President. I learned at a very young age to never give up.

Favorite Quote/Refran: “We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” -Charles R Swindoll

Favorite Book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling (They’re not just for kids)


dr edwinDr. Edwin Dejesus, MD - Doctor - Internal Medicine & Infectious Disease

What/who inspires/motivates you? HOPE! Is what has inspired and driven me every day of my career. Knowing that patients, who are often full of fear and questions after a diagnosis of either of two highly stigmatizing and potentially fatal diseases (HIV and Hepatitis C), place their extreme trust in me with their lives is the impetus to motivate me to always remain at the vanguard of the treatment of these conditions. I feel that I can inspire them with hope in addition to the best current medical care, a positive clinical outcome will follow.

What do you consider your biggest failure? And what did you learn from it? My biggest failure is actually one of irony. When I first moved to the states to begin my medical career, I had the misconception that my Hispanic background would hold me back from creating a successful life for myself.  After some time and life experience, I was able to reframe my way of thinking, discovering that my culture was actually a huge asset that helped distinguish me and set me apart from so many others in my field.

Favorite Quote/Refran: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” -Joseph Campbell

Favorite Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


jorgeestevezJorge Estevez - Anchor/Reporter - WFTV Channel 9

What/who inspires/motivates you? Hard work. Nothing touches me more than people doing their best. Often times, we are so grateful to just “get it done” that we forget our purpose as a new generation, is to make it better. People with that kind of “Chispa” should really inspire us all.

What do you consider your biggest failure? And what did you learn from it? Picture it, Elementary school in 19??... One of my classmates was chosen by the teacher to read out loud and he could not finish the sentence. Under my breath I called him stupid. I had the fortune of having an older cousin who taught me all sorts of things ahead of my time, so I could not understand why he couldn’t read. I was busted by the teacher. I wore a dunce cap and was summoned to the corner for the rest of the day. I deserved it and have never forgiven myself.

Favorite Quote/Refran: “Para tras... Ni pa’ cojer impulso.” My mom always says that. I feel that you should never “Go back.” However, where I modify that saying is that you should ALWAYS “glance back” a bit... to not only never forget where you came from but also to learn from your mistakes which will help you propel forward.

Favorite Book: I am a huge fan of ANY biography. I love to learn about people’s thoughts and how they achieved their goals or failed at their missions.




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