Gilberto Companioni is a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and 11-time nominee as reporter, writer, and producer. Prior to working at HCCMO, Gilberto was the News Director for Telemundo 31 in Orlando. He was responsible for news planning, staffing, and hiring decisions. He managed a staff of 22 full and part-time newsroom employees and a budget of over $1.2 million. He developed news personnel and established performance goals, objectives, guidelines, evaluated performance and fostered a culture of excellence and ethical standards. Leveraged strengths in cost-effective management to end each year under-budget while helping increase revenue and expanding the Telemundo Orlando brand. With his track record of creativity and innovation as a leader and the proven ability to successfully manage a team, multiple projects, and deliver outstanding results, Gilberto will utilize these strengths to bring the HCCMO to new heights.