Meet Our Team

Maria S. Garcia de la Noceda

407-428-5870 Ext. 307
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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Maria oversees the chamber’s operations as well as all of our events. She is well organized and adept in using different tools to ensure our budgets are balanced and our finances are handled efficiently. Maria keeps the chamber’s calendar up to date with the many programs and events that are organized during the year. Before pursuing a career in Management, Maria was a Grammy nominated professional singer.


Luisa García

Executive Assistant
407-428-5870 Ext. 309
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Luisa serves as the assistant to our president, as well as the all-around customer service representative for our office. She works diligently with a contagious smile, to help our members and anybody that contacts us. Luisa can help you find the appropriate resources in the community. She is a native Puerto Rican who embraces culture and loves the arts. We also love her cafecito!

Margie Viera

Director of Business Development
407-428-5870 Ext. 306
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Born in Puerto Rico, Margie leads our Marketing and Business Development Team. She makes sure that our voice is being heard and that our stakeholders are being served. Margie loves seeing ideas become reality and people's lives change as people and companies discover their potential. She has been a longtime advocate of our Hispanic Community and she is a former ambassador of the HCCMO.

Joel Salgado

Membership Services Specialist
407-428-5870 Ext. 311
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From Mexican and Puerto Rican parents, Joel was born in Chicago but has since adopted Orlando as his second hometown. A proud University of Central Florida graduate, Joel now serves to coordinate and drive the development, recruitment, and retention of HCCMO members. No matter what stage your business is in, Joel can find opportunities within the chamber that can help grow your business. When he's not working, you may find him chatting with the brewer at a local craft brewery.

José "Che" Pérez

Events Coordinator
407-428-5870 Ext. 303
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José, better known as "Che", was born and raised in Puerto Rico. As the Events Coordinator for the HCCMO he makes sure that members have the right ambience conducive to business development and networking. Che brings his experience, contacts and creative ideas to the Chamber having worked in the entertainment business for the past 25 years. In his spare time, he likes to spend quality time with his family and watch sports on TV.

Maria Mercado

Bookkeeper / Accountant
407-428-5870 Ext. 302

Maria Mercado born in Puerto Rico and raised in Connecticut, graduated from “Universidad Interamericana” in PR, with a major in Accounting and Business Administration.  She serves as accountant for the HCCMO, making sure that the financial information is accurate and efficiently handled.  In her spare time she likes exploring the bible, the beautiful nature, and going to the movies.

Tiffany Elise Smith

Public Allies Intern
407-428-5870 Ext. 314

Elise is originally from Miami and relocated to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida, where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Currently an apprentice through Public Allies of Central Florida, she is eager to develop with HCCMO and learn more about the philanthropic goals within the chamber. On the weekends, she enjoys exercising and being outdoors in beautiful Florida.