New Florida Chamber Poll Results

As discussed on yesterday's monthly Florida Chamber Federation conference call, our political department is releasing its most recent poll of Florida voters to our chamber of commerce partners. Below you will find the regional crosstabs for two important questions asked of voters. Feel free to share this information with your members.

Question: Is Florida heading in the right or wrong direction?
(Statewide: Right Direction- 46%, Wrong Direction- 37%)


Question: Which issue are you most concerned about?

(JOBS = Jobs/Economy, HC = Healthcare, ED = Education)
Statewide: Jobs- 23%, Education- 12%, Healthcare- 8%


Engage Your Members in the Upcoming Election: 
Encourage your members and their employees to get involved during this election cycle. Our non-partisan Florida Wins program has the tools and information to help your community register to vote and get engaged. When your community votes, Florida Wins. Learn more by contacting me at 850-521-1243 or via email at [email protected].


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