ORLANDO, FL (Jan. 29, 2016) – The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) announced today the passing of a resolution in opposition to the expansion of gambling in Florida.   The battle over expanding gambling in Florida has been topic of conversation for years now. Florida voters have, on three separate occasions, rejected the legalization of Las Vegas-style casino gambling in Florida. The HCCMO formally joined the discussion by passing and adopting a resolution opposing to the expansion of gambling in Florida.

Studies reveal that, when introduced into developed tourism economies, casino gambling has devastating effects on established local businesses. This fact was proven in Atlantic City where 40 percent of local restaurants and one third of the local retail establishment closed following the introduction of casino gambling. Las Vegas-style casino gambling is demonstrably linked to higher social costs, including the cost of regulation, the cost of crime, the cost of additional law enforcement, and the cost of treatment for addicted gamblers. The Gambling Impact Study, authorized and funded by the Florida Legislature in 2013, found that 95% of the revenue for expanded Florida casinos would be from local residents, not tourists. Florida’s history with gambling demonstrates its natural tendency to expand to new areas once introduced; and the State Legislature will soon discuss agreements and legislation that could dramatically expand gambling in Florida.

Therefore, the HCCMO opposes the expansion of gambling in Florida, and any legislation or new agreements that would lead to the legalization of these so called “destination casinos.” “As the Chamber’s mission is to provide leadership and support economic development, and it’s vision is to be the leading voice, we stand in opposition today, as we have studied the negative impact that this can bring to our community and our local businesses,” said Diana Bolívar, President of the HCCMO. The resolution was carefully vetted and drafted by the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC), led by Maritza Martinez, Assistant VP-UCF Community Relations. “The Sunshine State should continue to focus its efforts on protecting its family-friendly brand, attracting high-wage jobs, and securing new industries that complement our proven sectors,” declared Mrs. Martinez.

This is the third resolution the HCCMO has unveiled in the last two years. To learn about their Immigration Resolution and the Healthcare Gap resolution, visit the News section on www.HCCMO.org.

About the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership and support the economic development of the Hispanic business community of Metro Orlando. Since 1993, HCCMO has strengthened the Central Florida Business Community by providing quality programs through our business model of networking, business development, exposure and recognition.  For more information about the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.hccmo.org or call 407-428-5870.



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