Hispanic Chamber's Leads Groups Report over $9 Million
in Shared Revenue

Orlando, FL. (December 2, 2015) - The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) held its last Joint Leads Groups event of this year in a well-attended event hosted by Nova Southeastern University. During this event, HCCMO announced the astounding results and recognized the 2015 top performers for each of the 10 groups. The HCCMO Leads Groups is an exclusive benefit to chamber members that offer them the opportunity to engage with other members and promote their business in a non-competitive and industry exclusive environment.

For most communities, economic prosperity is determined through the ability to retain business investment. This in turn will result in jobs and tax revenue that is generated for the community. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando - in an effort to be the leading Hispanic business voice of Metro Orlando - has a series of programs and events that are designed for economic growth. One such program is the Leads Groups. "The Leads Groups offers our members the opportunity for greater exposure and higher return on investment," said Diana Bolivar, President of the HCCMO. "It has become an essential part to the economic impact that the HCCMO has on our local community," continued Bolivar.

Throughout the year the HCCMO brings all 10 Leads Groups together at the Joint Leads Groups event, a networking event where they report their progress. During this meeting, they reported a total of $9,163,760 in shared revenues during 2015. The number not only reflects the great success they achieved in 2015, but also a growth of 200 percent from last year's report of $3 million. This number reflects gross shared revenue in business between the members of the Leads Groups, which account for less than 10 percent of the overall membership within the chamber. These numbers are gathered from a software platform that the members use to enter and track the transactions.

The Leads Groups program is comprised of 10 different groups throughout Orange, Seminole and Osceola County with a total of 150 members. Each group is composed of various industries, professional experience, and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting our diverse business community. Aaron Hill, a member of the Downtown Leads Group, was recognized as the Most Valuable Player of all the groups, having given the most referrals that turned into closed business transactions. "It is easy to send referrals when you are part of a group where each company goes out of their way to take care of the client you are sending them. I think everyone involved are the MVP's," exclaimed Aaron Hill.

This program is one of the many ways that the HCCMO has been able to stay true to their mission to "provide leadership and support the economic development of the Hispanic business community of Metro Orlando."

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