There are many trends and "market forces" that have a direct effect on the Healthcare Industry in the US.  I will offer that there are 5 Major Trends in Healthcare that everyone must understand.  Over the next few newsletters I will explain what those trends are, how they affect all of us, and offer practical advice about what we can do to manage through and around them.

As you read through this information try to visualize Healthcare like a 3-legged stool.

  • Leg #1:  health insurance
  • Leg #2:  access to healthcare services when you need them
  • Leg #3:  affordability of those healthcare services

In order to have a Healthcare System that works efficiently we must have all 3 "legs."  What good is having health insurance if the procedures that you need are not covered or you can't see the doctors that you want to see?  How useful is it to have access to the best doctors and hospitals when you can't afford to pay for the services that you need?  Get the picture?  It's all about Healthcare Access & Affordability.
Antonio Muñiz-Olán



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  • High Technology + High Human Touch = Better Results

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