Top 5 Things You Should Know about the

2015 Open Enrollment Period

1.       It is a relatively short period of time:  November 1st, 2015 to January 31st, 2016

2.       If you didn’t have health insurance during 2015 NOW is the time to secure coverage.  After Open Enrollment ends you will not be able to secure coverage.*

3.       If you currently have health insurance and want/need to make changes NOW is the time to do so.  After Open Enrollment ends you must keep what you have.*

4.       If you want your new coverage to start on 1/1/16 you must complete your enrollment by 12/15/15.

5.       It is expected that 10.2 million individuals will buy health insurance through the Federal Marketplace during the 2015 Open Enrollment Period.  Don’t wait – get your coverage now!

While it is often said that you can visit and get your coverage yourself, I don’t recommend that approach.  You will be wise to work with a licensed and certified health insurance agent/broker – preferably one who has a Private Exchange and an experienced team of professionals.

There are lots of moving parts – subsidy calculations, provider network considerations, financial exposure, etc. – and mistakes can be very costly.


Antonio Muñiz-Olán



M&A + Gravie = Better Employee Benefits

(While our business model is geared toward serving the needs of Organizations we are now offering the same level of service to Individuals and Families!)

Through our partnership with Gravie…

·         Our Private Exchange provides access to all of the plans available inside and outside Marketplace, enabling us to find the right plan for our clients at the right premium.

·         Our dedicated team of professional Advisors provide our clients with Concierge Level Service all year long.

·         High Technology + High Human Touch = Better Results

We ask all the right questions up front so that you buy exactly what you need and can afford.  We make searching, selecting, and purchasing health insurance Easy!  And by the way, there is no additional charge for using our services!

Follow these instructions to get started.

Sign Up for Coverage Now!

*Unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

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