Sebastian Sanchez, Orlando Florida

For all Orange and Seminole County residents, October 5 is more than just another Monday. Both counties are about to start their 2015 Florida municipal elections. The upcoming municipal elections will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 with Orange County for the Mayor of Orlando, City Commissioners for Districts 2, 4, and 6, and Seminole County with the 2015 City of Altamonte Springs referendum.

Our voices need to be heard, and in order for each vote to count we need all Orange and Seminole County residents to register by this coming Monday, October 5! Here are 3 Easy Steps to get you registered and ready to vote:

  1. Get educated on election seasons. (Reach out to your County's Government Supervisor of Elections office)
  2. Get registered on time. (By Florida law, residents who wish to vote must be registered 29 days before the upcoming elections)
  3. Get out and vote! (It’s one of the most important rights of American citizens)

So, let’s get a head start by voting in our local elections!

Use the links below to assist in the registration process, as well as further information regarding elections:

Orange County:

Register to Vote

Requirements to Vote

Deadlines to Register to Vote

Where to Register

Update your Registration

Seminole County:

Register to Vote

Upcoming Elections

How Do I Vote?


Orange County Supervisor of Elections

2015-2016 Election Dates

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections


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