2287Meet Natalie Baum, Corporate Sales Representative at LEGOLAND Florida. With over twelve years of experience in marketing and sales, Natalie takes charge of providing strong leadership for her team in assisting LEGOLAND Florida reach their maximum goals.

Natalie has been an invaluable part of HCCMO for the past year. As soon as she joined, Natalie rolled up her sleeves and began helping with the Latin Food & Wine Festival committee. She and LEGOLAND Florida have also been involved in many of our other events including the Hispanic Business & Consumer Expo where she participated as a committee member.

We are honored to have Natalie as a valued member of the HCCMO. Her input and commitment help us elevate the events and programs we put forth, which in turn translates into helping our members and community.

If you would like to know more about Natalie Baum and how she and LEGOLAND Florida can be of service to you, feel free to contact her via email or at (407) 514-5708.

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