roll-of-moneyThe Orange County Clerk’s Office might have money for you in the form of a check you haven’t cashed. And you only have a few weeks to claim it.

The list of people and the amount of the unclaimed checks can be found at The amounts range from single digits to more than $2,000. You have until Sept. 1, 2014, to claim the money.

“These are checks that were mailed in 2012 and for some reason, were never cashed. Maybe the recipient moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address or placed the check in a drawer and forgot about it,” said Clerk of Courts Eddie Fernández. “The bottom line is, we want you to get all the money you have coming to you.’’

He added that the list includes uncashed jury checks, vendor payments and cash bonds.

According to Section 116.21, Florida Statutes, money not collected by Sept. 1 is forwarded to the Clerk’s Fine and Forfeiture Fund, which ultimately goes to the state. That same statute dictates that the Clerk’s Office give people at least one year to cash the checks before posting them on their websites with a deadline. That’s why the checks in question are from 2012.

I encourage everyone to check to claim what is rightfully theirs,’’ said Fernández, adding that the unclaimed amount is less than 1 percent of the total checks written in 2012.

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