10250072_10154051732575417_4107280005454510822_nThe Orlando Museum of Art is proud to announce a partnership with Echo Interaction Group, an Orlando based mobile app and tech firm, for the creation of the “My OMA Guide” app.   “From a art and technology perspective, we want the Museum to be leading the State in this cutting edge approach to enhancing the Museum experience,” said Randy Ross, Director of Marketing  & Public Relations for the Orlando Museum of Art.

“I was thrilled to hear about the development of a new mobile app to help guide visitors in their exploration of the Orlando Museum of Art ,” said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.  “As a leading cultural institution, OMA continues to set the standard for finding innovative ways to engage the public. Particularly in terms of engaging students, residents and visitors who rely on mobile technology as part of their everyday routines, this new, state-of-the-art app will help provide an even richer experience.”

The Orlando Museum of Art Guide App (My OMA Guide) is the perfect companion tool for museum patrons to immerse themselves in artwork on display at the museum” said Museum Director, Glen Gentele.  The mobile app pairs with iBeacon (Bluetooth LE) devices to alert users when they’ve come within range of a particular art piece or exhibit. Carlos Carbonell, CEO of Echo Interaction Group, added that “Echo’s partnership with the museum signifies the commitment OMA has to technology and innovation. No other museum in the region has integrated mobile applications and iBeacon devices throughout their facilities. As champions of the local art scene, the tech industry and our city, we are elated that our partnership with the Museum can make this first-of-its-kind app happen.”

Once the app has detected a beacon device, the app delivers additional information about the artwork and the artist through video, text, photos and more. Users benefit from being able to use the app as a walking tour guide while also being able to discover information before and after they leave the museum. The app also features push notifications which allow OMA to quickly alert users of information about the museum and specials.

 “This new app, created by one of our local tech companies for one of our local art museums, is another great example of the unique environment for collaboration we’ve created in Orlando,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.  “This innovative partnership will allow the community to engage and connect with cultural amenities like never before, further enhancing the experiences of our residents and visitors.”

We are excited to be the first Museum in Florida with this unique marriage of Art and Technology.  Curator Hansen Mulford said, “We look forward to our guest & visitors having a unique & personal opportunity to learn about the works of Art they are viewing.  A personal guided tour, if you will, through the technology of our day.”

The new app will be unveiled and available to Museum goers at “Art in Equality,” as part of 1st Thursdays, August 7th at 6pm.

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