March 31st proved to be another dark night for Venezuela.  These photos were taken in Chacao, a District East of Caracas, by Reuters photographer Christian Veron.  In the midst of chaos, the people of Venezuela stand strong and continue to peacefully protest against the Maduro Regime.  A protest that began in February.  According to Bloomberg, Amnesty International, has received dozens of accounts of human rights violations allegedly carried out by government security forces. At least 37 people have died since the protests began.  Some of those deaths were close friends and family members of Venezuelans living in Central Florida.

The pictures we post here show a grim picture of the reality lived today, day to day, in Venezuela.  Our thoughts and prayers continue for the peaceful resolution of this protest.  We know the people in Venezuela and those living abroad stand together and stand resolute.  We continue to ask for the support of our Central Florida Hispanic community for the people in Venezuela.  Please join Central Florida students and “Venezolanos en Orlando” as they participate in our 21st annual Hispanic Business and Consumer Expo next April 12 and 13 at the Orange County Convention Center, North Building, Hall B.  Please join us and show your support for the people of Venezuela.  #sosvenezuela.



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