Purpose of This Document

Visit Orlando is in the process of selecting a Trade Show Exhibition Company (referred to as “Contractor,” throughout this document) to provide a trade show booth for domestic use.

Background on Visit Orlando

The Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. d/b/a Visit Orlando is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) Florida corporation formed in 1983. Visit Orlando is under contract with Orange County, Florida to promote the Metro Orlando area as a destination for both leisure travel and convention/meeting visitors.

The mission of Visit Orlando, as the industry’s leader, is to market the area worldwide as a premier leisure, convention and business destination for the continual economic benefit of the community.

Visit Orlando is a trade association with approximately 1,200 members companies, mostly coming from the Central Florida hospitality industry.  There is a full-time staff of 170 with approximately 350 part-time employees.  While substantially all of the staff is located at Visit Orlando’s corporate office in Orlando, there are satellite offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. Contract representatives maintain offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, China, and Brazil.  Visit Orlando also operates the area’s only “official” visitor center.

Meetings & Conventions (M&C) Focus

Orlando is home to the second largest convention center in the United States, the Orange County Convention Center (2.1 million square feet of exhibition space), and annually attracts some of the largest conventions in the world. With an additional 4.6 million square feet of convention and meeting space at local hotels and resorts, Orlando is the ideal location to hold an annual meeting or association meeting or tradeshow.

Booth management for the M&C booth is handled by the Trade Shows & Events Department, however final decision makers for the new booth are the Sr. Vice President of Convention Sales & Services and the President & CEO of Visit Orlando.

  1. II.          SERVICES SOUGHT

Visit Orlando’s M&C team attends various trade shows throughout the United States. In each of these tradeshows, Visit Orlando exhibits with a tradeshow booth.  The tradeshows at which the booth would be utilized in 2014-2015 include the following size configurations:

  • 10’x 20’
  • 10’x 40’
  • 20’x 20’.

Visit Orlando has co-exhibitors for each of the above tradeshows. Co-exhibitors are typically hotels, destination attractions, and others within the Orlando hospitality community. We classify co-exhibitors into two classes:

(1) Primary co-exhibitors that require exposure, major branding and images that are comparable in prominence to that of Visit Orlando. Typically there will be from one to two in this class.

(2) Secondary co-exhibitors are drawn from the same hospitality community universe but with a lesser investment in one of Visit Orlando’s tradeshow booths and thus should be extended prominence commensurate with that supporting role. Each in this class must be provided with equal billing including logo exposure. Typically there are three to ten co-exhibitors in this class.

The number of primary and secondary co-exhibitors attending a tradeshow will vary for each event.

All-inclusive pricing requested. Please note the booth design must comply with all specifications, conference regulations, venue regulations and health and safety regulations of that country and venue.

Visit Orlando’s M&C team attends various trade shows throughout the United States. In each of these tradeshows, Visit Orlando exhibits with a tradeshow booth.  The tradeshows at which the booth would be utilized in 2014-2015 include the following:

• American Society of Association Executives ASAE’s Annual Meeting

(Approx. 20’ x 20’) in Nashville, TN in 2014

• Incentive Travel Meetings Exhibition (IMEX)

 (Approx. 20’ x 20’) in Las Vegas, NV in 2014 & 2015

• International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)

 (Approx. 10’ x 20’) in Los Angeles, CA in 2014

• American Society of Association Executives (ASAE’s) Springtime Expo

(Approx. 10’x 20’) in Washington, D.C. in 2014-2015

•  International Pow Wow (IPW)

 (Approx. 10’ x 40’) in Orlando, FL in 2014

This list may change, but at a minimum the trade shows listed above would be considered a typical yearly schedule for the M&C market. (With the exception of IPW, which is attended by the Global Marketing team, however since this is a domestic show, they borrow the M&C booth for this show.)

Visit Orlando requires a booth to be built and ready for show at ASAE’s Annual Meeting, August 9-12, 2014 in Nashville, TN at the Music City Center. Please submit with the final proposal a sample contract for ASAE 2014 – including:

  • Costs and services for booth design and construction
  • ASAE event services management
  • Material Handling
  • A/V Support
  • Delivery
  • Set-up
  • Dismantle and removal
  • Storage of re-usable items

Contractors should submit two designs, based on the budgets listed below.

Budget:            $225,000 for Design A (Design A should be considered the baseline exhibit)

$275,000 for Design B (Design B represents enhanced visual & creative use of technology when compared to Design A and will make use of higher end finishes and/or materials that may be required to produce an enhanced design.)

Proposal must include all-inclusive pricing for the design and construction of the booth.

The booth design will need to allow for the following:

  • Booth must be adaptable to accommodate in line and plaza locations.
  • Allow for a variety of marketing designs and images to customize the presence of Visit Orlando at each event.
  • Adequate lighting provided to enhance marketing images and overall appearance of the booth.
  • Locking storage areas that include shelves and locks. Storage is intended to accommodate large purses/backpacks, small electronics, amenities, and minimum collateral.
  • Area for LCD TV (Minimum size is 55”)/blue-ray player display (the contractor will provide equipment and maintenance necessary for all spaces. A technician needs to be available to help set up, dismantle, and provide technical support throughout the trade show.
  • Sound system to enhance blue-ray presentations or music played in the booth. A technician needs to be available to help set up, dismantle and provide technical support throughout the trade show.
  • Seating area - both comfort and pleasing design is a must for furniture selection. Seating area designs should vary in capacity based upon the three different sizes of exhibit booth noted earlier.
  • Emphasis on height and engaging design overall for the booth. Current booth floor plan in its 20’ x 20’ state is very choppy and cuts the booth into two distinct areas. Would like to avoid this layout issue in the new booth, emphasis should be on an open floor plan, flexible layouts and ability to modify components depending on the show.
  • Creative has not been finalized by Visit Orlando’s new agency, BVK. However, it has been determined that the booth should feel “open”.  The color palette at least for now until final direction is determined, should be Florida natural-neutral tones i.e. green grasses, blue ponds, brown & green palm trees, etc. If during the RFP process the M&C marketing brand guidelines are finalized and timing allows, an addendum will be sent out to all initial RFP recipients. Otherwise, once the Contractor has been chosen and finalized, a formal meeting with the Contractor and BVK will be scheduled to establish booth’s “look and feel”.
  • Free rental on storage for booth and supplies. If service cannot be provided for free, please provide separate fee schedule.
  • In order to reduce shipping costs exhibit should be constructed using lightweight materials wherever possible consistent with considerations of durability and safety. Overall budget should be spent on active brand engagement and less on items that are not apparent to the target audience.

Response Requirement

Response to this RFP should include the following sections:

  1. A brief history of Contractor.
  2. Proposed service levels. Should include: Design, construction, transportation, maintenance and storage of booth.
  3. A description of relevant similar engagements, detailing key factors of those engagements that would be pertinent to this engagement and would exemplify particular attributes of the Contractor’s skill and experience
  4.  A list of five references from other DMOs for whom contractor has constructed exhibits in the last three years. Please submit renderings of previous work with your references that are similar to the design and scope described in this RFP.
  5. A detailed timeline for the services requested.
  6. A description of any deliverables and when they will be received.
  7. Indications of the current financial and credit standing of Contractor.
  8. Anticipated costs, fees and expenses.
  9. A description of billing policies.
  10. Any special terms or conditions requested/required by the Contractor.
  11. Description of any additional services the Contractor would like to propose to expand or supplement services requested.

Selection Process and Criteria

A selection committee consisting of members of Visit Orlando management and other industry experts will review all responses.  Based on the selection committee’s evaluation of the responses, the Contractor will be selected and asked to participate in a final interview with the committee.  Primary evaluation criteria will include, in order of importance:

  1. The perceived ability of the Contractor to best meet Visit Orlando’s needs based on the understanding of the engagement demonstrated in the Contractor’s response.
  2. Level of fees. Visit Orlando is accountable to its membership in all respects. Thus, Visit Orlando strives to keep its expenses low and its efficiencies high. Our appraisal of fees may entail an evaluation of best value vs. cost, or consideration of other factors such as Contractor’s proposed level of service, professionalism, and/or proactivity.
  3. Contractor’s ability to meet timeline.
  4. Flexibility of concept and design.
  5. Contractor’s demonstrated innovation and creative booth design.
  6. Degree to which response addresses RFP objectives and requirements.
  7. Feedback from references.
  8. Extent of relevant experience and/or expertise.

Contractors will be notified in writing of the results of the selection process.

Response Deadline

The following schedule provides key milestones and is provided primarily for planning purposes.  Visit Orlando may modify the project timeline at its discretion.


RFP Activity

Target Completion Date

1. RFP Issued Wednesday, March 5, 2014
2. Questions Due to Visit Orlando Friday, March 14, 2014
3. Visit Orlando Responses to Questions Received Friday, March 21, 2014
4. RFP Due Friday, March 28, 2014
5. Visit Orlando RFP Review Period Monday, March 31,-Monday, April 14, 2014
6. Notification of Finalist Vendor Selection Wednesday, April 16, 2014
7. Finalist Presentations at Visit Orlando During the week of April 28, 2014
8. Vendor Selection Completed/Notification Letters Monday, May 5, 2014

Delivery of Response 

If response is a hard copy please provide 6 copies of your response to this RFP by the end of business on Friday, March 28, 2014. Responses should be directed to:

Misty Johantgen - Visit Orlando

            6277 Sea Harbor Drive Suite 400

            Orlando, FL 32821

Please send an electronic file(s) of your response (mandatory for consideration) by the end of business on Friday, March 28, 2014 to:

            [email protected]

  • Visit Orlando Revisions

This RFP represents the best effort of Visit Orlando to document its requirements for this project.  Visit Orlando reserves the right to adjust the specifications or scope of effort stated in this RFP.  In the event that any modifications are necessary, Visit Orlando will notify all Contractors remaining in consideration via a written addendum to this RFP.

  • Contractor’s Responsibility

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to provide a complete response to the RFP.  If the Contractor believes more information is necessary for a proper response, questions should be directed via email to [email protected]  In some cases, if additional information is provided to one potential Contractor, similar information will be provided to other Contractors receiving this RFP.

  • Use and Disclosure

Visit Orlando reserves the right to use information submitted in response to this document in any manner it may deem appropriate in evaluating the fitness of the services proposed.  Materials that are submitted by the Contractor that should be considered highly confidential should be marked as such.  If confidentiality is requested but cannot be afforded, the Contractor will be notified and will be permitted to withdraw its proposal.

  • Use of Creative Materials

It will be expected that all creative produced and elements of the booth(s) created by the selected Contractor for Visit Orlando during the contract period shall become the property of Visit Orlando, as will all materials, film, negatives, art, etc. as well as booth(s) treatments developed but not utilized.  Visit Orlando maintains the right to use any materials generated by the Contractor in other Visit Orlando materials or programs generated by Visit Orlando personnel and may do so without Contractor’s consent or approval.  Visit Orlando acknowledges certain legal constraints and, as such, requires universal releases for materials unless cost considerations become prohibitive such as model releases, music, photographs, etc.

  • Compliance

By responding to this RFP, the Contractor is providing assurance that in the performance of the service covered under this RFP it will comply with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.

  • Independent Contractor Status

All personnel assigned by the Contractor to perform Services will be employees of the Contractor and the Contractor will pay all salaries and expenses of, and all federal, social security, unemployment taxes, and any other payroll or withholding taxes relating to such employees.  The Contractor will be considered, for all purposes, an independent contractor, and it will not, directly or indirectly, act as an agent, servant or employee of Visit Orlando, or make any commitments or incur any liabilities on behalf of Visit Orlando without its prior written consent.

  • The Contractor must maintain the following insurance coverage, and confirm such coverage in writing each year:
    • Workers’ Compensation – Coverage for its employees with statutory workers’ compensation limits, and no less than $100,000 for Employers’ Liability.
  • Commercial General Liability – Coverage for all operations including, but not limited to Contractual, Products and Completed Operations, and Personal Injury.  The limits shall be not less than $1,000,000, per occurrence, Combined Single Limits (CSL) or its equivalent.
  • Business Automobile Liability – Coverage for all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles with limits of not less than $1,000,000, per occurrence, Combined Single Limits (CSL) or its equivalent.
  • Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Visit Orlando has a desire to contract with a broad range of vendors with diverse ownership.  Please disclose in your response if you are a minority or woman-owned business enterprise.

  • Local Preference

Additional consideration will be given to agencies based in Metro Orlando or that have ties or partnerships with Orlando/Central Florida contractor resources.

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