1808Attorney Ricardo Pesquera has been part of the HCCMO since the very beginning when the Latin American and the Puerto Rican chambers merged to create what is now known as the HCCMO. Ricardo actually served as President of the HCCMO in 1998! He is still an active member and hosts an Annual Business After Hours in his offices for all HCCMO members to attend.

Ricardo R. Pesquera is an experienced, highly qualified personal injury and criminal defense attorney. For the past twenty-nine (29) years he has represented clients both in State and Federal Courts across the mainland and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a prosecutor and later as a private attorney. The experience gained from working as a senior law clerk for United States District Judge Carmen C. Cerezo and as a federal prosecutor in Puerto Rico and Florida, enables him to provide an effective, aggressive and highly competent representation.

If you haven't had the chance to meet Attorney Pesquera and  would like to learn more about Crews & Pesquera P.A., contact him by  email or call him at (407) 898-4000 .

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