Just A Couple of Dollars Can Enrich a Life in the Dominican Republic

Last year, Dr. Hart led a Vascular Vein Centers team on a medical mission trip to offer free vein disease care in the Dominican Republic. During this trip, our team performed over 56 vein procedures on 12 patients for venous issues ranging from extremely painful to debilitating.

Without last year's trip, these people would have never received the care they needed

One patient who came to use for treatment had such painful ulcers that he asked for his leg to be amputated. Today, his ulcers have healed and he has gotten his life back.

Although they make a huge impact in the lives of the men and women they've treated, they had to cut the treatments short due to limited resources. After a few days, they simply ran out of vital supplies that were needed to continue treating patients.

In 2 Minutes, You Can Change a Life Forever

This year, you get the chance to make sure that doesn't happen again by donating to the second mission trip. Your support will go to purchase those towels, sheets, wound dressings, and other vital supplies that are needed to care for patients with severe venous issues.

Every dollar you donate will gets them closer to helping another patient. Last year, 12 patients lives were changed . Let's help double that number.

Whether you can give $10 or contribute some of the vital supplies that are needed, every gift gets them closer to the goal. We're making it easy for you to directly change the life of these suffering men and women by giving you several options for donation.


Donate Online with a Credit Card [Click Here]

Donate In-Person at any of VVC Office [Click Here]

Donate By Check via MailMake Check Payable To:
Hispaniola Medical CharityAdd to Check Memo Line:
VVC team

Mail To:
C/O Michele Borton, RN
1200 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

Donation of Materials
Please contact Michele Borton via email or by phone at 407-427-0111 to find out how to make your materials donation.


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