women techWomen and Minorities in Tech is a Monthly meetup that hosts Tech & Digital Media Professionals from Orlando and its surroundings. Our attendees include Tech Business Owners, Software Developers, Angel & Venture Capital Firms, Marketers and Digital Media enthusiasts. This group will serve as a forum for collaboration, networking, education and to lift each other up and develop mentorship within women and minorities in technology-related fields. Our objectives also include programming to help tech companies or those who hire within the tech field become more inclusive and welcoming to women and minorities. Our hope is to increase participation of Latinos in all aspects of the tech industry in the area.

We are gearing up to have our first meetup on Tuesday, September 24th from 6 to 8:30 at Echo offices at the Plaza building downtown. Address is 189 S. Orange Ave. Suite 1630 of the South tower.

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We will have snacks and drinks and then group introductions. It has been suggested that a good Ice breaker would be to hear short stories about how each person got involved/interested in Tech and maybe what they are doing in the tech space now. Please spread the word but would like to retain the purity of the group and attract as many tech enthusiasts as possible (as opposed to simply business development people, recruiters, or folks in the periphery, unless there is a tangible contribution to the conversation and not just a place to pick up leads).

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