JUL 24, Washington, DC - A Central Florida Latina and member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando received a National recognition from a Fortune 100 company.

Carmen Luciano, a representative for New York Life in the Orlando General Office, was invited to attend the Inaugural Latina Summit in Washington, DC as part of that company's efforts to promote female Hispanic professionals into the ranks of Partner and Managing Partner. During the awards reception, only 3 out of the hundreds of women in attendance received a recognition for their performance. Yet Carmen received what is likely the most important of all these awards - the National Agency Builder Award.

The recognition is especially notable because it highlights someone who contributes to the increase of Latinos and Latinas that enter the process of growing within the ranks of New York Life into highly compensated positions and future executive roles. Carmen's accomplishment is due to a selfless desire to shine a spotlight on the potential that Hispanic professionals bring to the Corporate table. Only 1 of these recognitions are awarded annually at New York Life which has nearly 13,000 financial services representatives in 118 offices across the country

"As a business owner with 20+ years of experience, Carmen understands the importance of recruiting the right people for the right role at the right time. She is an invaluable asset to our local team in Central Florida but more importantly understands the value her contributions bring to the overall initiative of expediting top-performing Latinos and Latinas through our ranks. Our agency is better today because of Carmen." stated Hector, Senior Manager for Hispanic & Brazilian markets in Central Florida.

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